RWANDA: Kivu Dairy Brings Quality to the Market

Surmounting the Problem of 'Doing Nothing'

Growing Their Own

Dairy is My Pension

Goat Program Changes Household Roles in Zambia

Malawi's Rice Farmer Group Triples Production

Zambia Marketing Centers Attract Business

MALAWI: Earning More While Serving Others

MOZAMBIQUE: Dreaming Big: A Dairy Entrepreneur's Vision

TANZANIA: Empowering Women through Dairy Development

KENYA: Kenya’s Youth Connect to Dairy Farming

MALAWI: SMS Connects Farmers to Radio ‘Extensionists’

ZIMBABWE: Restoring Confidence in Milk Collection

Generating Change through Dairy

Milk Donations Support Nutrition for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Malawi

Kenyan Dairy Farm Reaches New Heights

MALAWI: Dairy Mash Boosts Production

Empowering PLHIV Through Dairy Business Training in Ethiopia

Ethiopian PLHIV Associations Expanding Livelihoods Through Dairy

Rwanda: Diversifying Livelihoods and Incomes Through Dairy

Ethiopian PLHIV Generate Income, Generate Pride

Helen Usiri: Leading Women Everywhere She Goes

Working Her Magic to Become a Top Yielding Farmer

MOZAMBIQUE: Dairy Farming - A Diamond for the Future

MALAWI: Prosperity Worldwide and General Mills Foundation Teamed Up to Fund School Nutrition Program

Cow Gifted to Malawian Named in Honor of Donors to Prosperity Worldwide

From Struggling Milk Collector to Community Elder in Madagascar

Leading Others Toward Success in Madagascar

Improved Practices Help Southwestern Uganda Dairy Farmer Increase Herd Productivity

Chipping in to Expand Product Shelf Life in Ghana

Diversifying Livelihoods and Incomes in Rwanda

HIV Prevention Impacts Malawian Dairy Farmers

Ethiopian PLHIV Associations Expand Scope Beyond Health Care

Adding Lasting Value to Rural Economic Development in Kenya

Ethiopian PLHIV Generate Income, Generate Pride

Water: The Milk of Life

Breeding Knowledge for Improved Production in Kenya

Micro-Insurance Protects Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Malawi

Dairy Business Skills Training Creates Community, Solidarity and Opportunity for People Living with HIV in Ethiopia

Improved Feed Substantially Increases Milk Volumes in Malawi

Uganda - Refurbishment of milk coolers significantly decreases farmers' losses in Uganda

Veterinary Services Assist in Dairy Herd Expansion in Malawi

Heifers That Malawian Smallholder Farmers Can Afford

Giving voice to dairy farmers in western Uganda: Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Union

Mweleki Water Project Changes Lives in Kenya

Malivani Water Project Provides Drought Relief in Kenya

Milk Improves Orphans' Nutrition in Mozambique

Environmentally Harmonized Dairy Farming Benefits Ethiopian Farmers

Farmers in Uganda Learn How to Be Consumers As Well As Producers

Madagascar Cooperative Sells Three Months' Worth in Five Days

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