Mozambique - Manica Smallholder Dairy Development Program
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2008 - 2012

Land O’Lakes International Development, with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Progress Program, is implementing a 42-month dairy/livestock development program in Mozambique’s Manica Province. Land O’Lakes is partnering with Tillers International.

The main objectives of this private sector-based initiative are to begin rebuilding Mozambique’s dairy industry to meet market demand and to increase incomes for smallholder farmers through participation in a sustainable dairy value chain. Manica Province is one of the best areas in Mozambique for livestock farming due to its climate and access to multiple markets. In order to build a sustainable dairy value chain in the region, the program aims to begin rebuilding the national dairy herd, train smallholder farmers in feed/fodder techniques, animal husbandry and health, and animal traction. The program will facilitate the establishment of producer-level cooperatives and milk collection centers; generic marketing of milk and milk products will take place in the latter part of the project. As a result of the proposed program, household incomes for participating beneficiaries are expected to increase by 100 percent, milk production to increase significantly, and crop production to increase by at least 30 percent for farms using draft animals. The program aims to benefit 9,185 smallholders directly and another 319,669 persons indirectly.

Specific objectives of the program’s activities include:

  • Herd Restocking – increase the number of dairy and crossbred cattle in Manica Province. The restocking helps to rebuild the national herd and increase milk production and should result in an increase of at least 100 percent in the household incomes of smallholder farmers.
  • Fodder Crop and Pasture Management Training – build farmers’ capacities to maximize milk production from their cows and to reduce the annual fluctuations in milk by 10 percent. The program emphasizes the use of indigenous grass species and introduces other suitable high-nutrient-value forage crops, some of which are suitable for human and animal consumption.
  • Animal Husbandry Training – increase farmers’ capacity to care for their animals properly. This allows farmers to reduce animal losses to no more than five percent and increase production. The training offered is customized for dairy and animal traction.
  • Milk Collection and Marketing – assist to establish producer-level cooperatives and milk collection centers. This assures that milk produced by smallholders enters a cold chain and is handled properly to maintain quality and produce high returns for farmers.
  • Animal Traction Training – build the capacity of smallholder farmers to effectively use draft power to increase their crop farming productivity by 30 percent. Draft power can also enable the transport of raw milk on a timely basis to collection points.

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For more information on this program, please contact:

In Mozambique:
Fidel O'Donovan
Chief of Party
Telephone: +258-251-22714/8
E-mail: fidel.odonovan@idd.landolakes.com 

In the U.S.:
Ashley Rajaratnam
Program Manager
Telephone: +1-651-375-5111
Fax: +1-651-375-5144
E-mail: SARajaratnam@landolakes.com 

Jade Gray
Program Specialist
Telephone: +1-651-375-5963
Fax: +1-651-375-5144
E-mail: JEGray@landolakes.com