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About Us

Since 1981, Land O’Lakes International Development has applied an integrated approach to international economic development that capitalizes on our company’s 93 years as a leading farm-to-market agribusiness. We use our practical experience and in-depth knowledge to facilitate market-driven business solutions that generate economic growth, improve health and nutrition, and alleviate poverty. We believe in the value of people and ensuring our work is rooted in honesty, integrity and respect.

Our vision is to be a global leader in transforming lives by engaging in agriculture and enterprise partnerships that replace poverty with prosperity, and dependency with self-reliance.

Our Impacts

From 2010-2014, we

>  directly assisted 1,062,171 individuals

>  helped 1,318 organizations apply new technologies or management practices

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Latest News
New Program to Transform AI Service Delivery and Dairy Production in East Africa

The Public-Private Partnership for Artificial Insemination Delivery (PAID) program will address genetic constraints to dairy productivity. Read More

Jennifer Hyman is featured guest on Through the Noise podcast

Jennifer Hyman, Director of Communications, is interviewed on Through the Noise, a weekly podcast. Read More

KFIE-supported innovation featured on BBC television

Kenya Medical Research Institute's deworming porridge is featured on BBC's "Focus on Africa" television program. Read More